The results from Ireland have made an important impact on the overall wave

rankings for the year. The battle for the 2001 Wave World Champion was very

tough this year, and at the end it was once again Bjoern Dunkerbeck E-11 who

showed his

unbelievable windsurfing skills and became Wave World Champion 2001 although

the North Sails team rider Vidar Jensen N-44 was close to get to the top, leading

the fleet until the final event in Ireland - he suffered disappointment after

being beaten by Robby Swift (JP Neil Pryde) of England in the second round.

The defeat meant that he dropped from first down to fourth overall.. Kevin Pritchard

finished second, while Jason Polakow, who missed the first event of the year

due to injury but then scored two victories (Sylt and Ireland), finished 3rd.



1. Bjoern Dunkerbeck E-11 (WAVE WORLD CHAMPION 2001)

2. Kevin Pritchard US 3

3. Jason Polakow KA 1111

4. Vidar Jensen N 44

5. Peter Volwater H 24


her second place in Ireland was enough for Daida Moreno to clinch the women's

overall wave title for the second year running, with Karen Jaggi hot on her

heels in second and Iballa Moreno taking third.

1. Daida Ruano Moreno E 64 (WAVE WORLD CHAMPION 2001)

2. Karin Jaggi Z 14

3. Iballa Ruano Moreno E 63