7-13th OCTOBER 2001


The wind refused to play ball here on the final day of the 2001 PWA Irish Wave

Grand Prix, which means Jason Polakow (JP, Neil Pryde) and Karin Jaggi (F2,

Arrows) are the winners in their men's and women's respective single elimination's.

In the dramatic men's final yesterday, Polakow thwarted a determined challenge

from Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil Pryde) of Spain. Battling it out in almost

perfect cross-offshore wave riding conditions the Aussie wave guru was awarded

victory over Dunkerbeck with a 4-1 decision from the judges. On his road to

the final Polakow's explosive vertical top to bottom wave riding style was the

key factor in taking down opposition Mikko Merve (North), Orjan Jensen (North,

Proof), Scott Fenton (Gaastra) and Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra). Dunkerbeck

meanwhile used his years of competition experience and tactics to help him advance

over Matt Pearch (Neil Pryde, JP) Scott Carvill (Naish Boards, Naish sails)

Kauli Seadi (Naish boards, Naish sails) and Peter Volwater (F2, Arrows).


"I am stoked. I saw Bjorn had some set waves in the final and didn't feel

that I had the best waves. I rode the waves as well as I could for what I had.

I am just stoked, that is two wins in a row. I could not ask for anymore. I

am really motivated now, I have been working hard with Scott Sanchez and the

MPG Team, hopefully I can come back next year and win the world title"


"The wind has been a little light for my tastes. I am happy we had the

conditions. The weather forecast said there was going to be nothing at all.

We had sunshine decent waves and some OK winds. That pretty well wraps up a

good year for me again so I am pretty stoked about that. The final was pretty

close. I am going to check out the score sheets to see if I can learn anything.

I felt like I had good waves and my friends thought that I had won the heat.

I guess the judges saw it differently!"

In the battle for third and fourth Peter Volwater of Holland scooped third

place in a heated clash against Kevin Pritchard of the USA.


"It was a super good competition. It is a beach break here so it is not

like a perfect Fiji mechanical wave sort of thing but every now and then you

get a wave that sets up perfectly and reels off. You can get twelve bottom turns

on one wave. I would of loved to be in the final. I feel like I am getting closer

now. My results have been getting a lot better every year. I am a lot more experienced

now and feel that I am very close at breaking through to make into the finals.

I keep on getting third place. I had fun sailing against Bjorn and Cisco today.

It is wonderful just to be out there with just four guys sharing waves.


"These are not my ideal conditions. I had some tough heats along the way

and was pretty pleased to reach the semi finals. I beat Tristan Boxford and

Nik Baker, which were both difficult heats. The scenery is stunning here and

we have had some awesome waves. I think I am second overall after this event

so I am reasonably pleased with that."

In the women's final Karin Jaggi of Switzerland emerged as the winner after

taking victory over Daida Moreno of Spain. Jaggi had made it through to the

final after a tough battle in the semi's against a spirited performance from

Daida's twin sister, Iballa Moreno (Mistral, North). Iballa managed to take

third place after defeating Tony Frey (RRD) of Greece in the losers final.


"I am super happy to win here in Ireland. For me it is the best event

to win, I love it here. I am very stoked to win a wave riding competition. I

think Daida has won the world title though. We both won two events but she did

better in the competitions she did not win. It was a super tight year and I

actually think she deserved to win. I am just very happy I got back into the

right track"


"It was hard to get out through the waves because the wind was light and

quite offshore. The waves were really nice, I was on a 4.7, which I needed to

get out, but it was sometimes too much on the wave. I am pretty happy, I thought

I had a good heat in the final. I thought I may of won but I was wrong"

This year's event in Ireland will long be remembered for its epic down the

line wave riding conditions. In front of a beautiful backdrop of lush green

patchwork farmlands, the competition had kicked off in dramatic style on Thursday

at Gowlane beach in smooth, mast high peeling waves. The forecast for Friday

had been poor and many decided to party the night away in a wild night at Spillanes

pub, the spiritual home of the event. As we all know, one thing about Ireland

you can never predict is the weather and Friday surprised everyone with another

day of epic conditions at Gowlane. With cranking waves and more sideshore winds

the PWA season concluded in spectacular style.

Young gun, Kauli Seadi of Brazil who went down to Dunkerbeck in the quarterfinals

was one of the most impressive talents to be seen here in Ireland. His speed

down the line and snappy vertical top turns have revealed a definite force to

be reckoned with over the coming years on the PWA World Tour. Francisco Goya

(F2, Arrows) failed to repeat the performances which gave him victory here last

year but nevertheless he did come up with several moments of brilliance. The

Argentinean wave guru who is known for his fluid style in the waves unleashed

his latest manoeuvre in two of his heats…the frontside back loop off the

lip. Goya was eventually beaten by Peter Volwater who has firmly established

himself this season as a one of the big guns in all disciplines on the PWA World


Final Results:


1.Jason Polakow KA-1111

2.Bjoern Dunkerbeck-E 11

3.Peter Volwater H-24

4.Kevin Pritchard US-3

5.Nik Baker K-66 ex aequo Kauli Seadi, Scott Fenton, Francisco Goya


1.Karin Jaggi Z-14

2.Daida Ruano Moreno E-64

3.Iballa Ruano Moreno E-63