The windsurfing grapevine has been doing overtime recently but this time there may have been some truth in the rumours!

Ultra Sport Europe, who have been the Neil Pryde Distributor for almost 30 years, have announced that as from the end of August Pryde Group UK will take over the distribution of the Neil Pryde brands including JP, Cabrinha and Flow.

At the same time Ultra Sport have announced that they will be taking on the F2 distribution for the UK and Ireland.

Gordon Way, MD of Ultra Sport, is pragmatic about the move “Change can be difficult to accept but everyone at Ultra Sport is really excited about F2 and, now that the brand is once again independent, we are confident of it’s success. Having worked with the Pryde brands for so long it is a wrench but, like everything in life, a change brings with it excitement"

F2 has recently been bought out and is once again an independent brand - now under the ownership of Reinhard Hofbauer and Gerald Pascher – the passion, drive and dedication that the brand once held so dear can once again begin to flourish.

“One thing that has been amazing" said Way “is the number and strength of supportive emails that I have received from all corners of the sporting goods industry. Manufacturers, retailers and windsurfers alike are emailing and offering their support. I never realized we had so many friends around the world. I’d like to thank them all for their support and also to say a big thanks to the UK retailers and windsurfers who have supported us over the years….all I can say now is…’s a new era.. please test ride an F2"

For more information on the F2 range please contact Ultra Sport on 01332 813 150 email or visit or