© ISA -Photo by Thomas Degen


Steve Flanagan from Dublin, Ireland is pictured competing at the World Speedsurfing Grand Prix in Karpathos, Greece last month. Karpathos was the first event of the 2007 Speedsurfing calendar and Steve managed to successfully set a new Irish Water Speed Record over a 250 metre course (for sail powered water vessels, including yachts, catamarans etc).

Steve also managed to break the existing GPS recorded Irish record during the competition setting an average speed of 34.38knots (63.67Kmh) and with peak speeds over 37.4knots (almost 70kmh).

Steve who is no stranger to competition has been windsurfing since the age of 7 and has multiple National titles to his name as well as representing Ireland at International windsurfing competitions for the over the past 15 years.

With a current ISA world ranking of 48th, Steve will be heading off to Namibia in Africa at the end of August with the support of Microsoft to attempt to break the two remaining Irish records which also count towards World Sailing Speed Records. The two remaining records are set over a 500 metre and 1 Nautical Mile (1.85km) courses, the Irish 500 Metre record is currently held by Coleman Phelan at 27.53knots and was set in 1985.

For further information check out:

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