ISA Speesurfing Grand Prix Fuerteventura 2007 - Day 5

The wind was already blowing in the early morning, so the race committee called for an early start at 10:45. Although the water level was quite low, the conditions behind the second sandbar were almost perfect.

The first runs were in the 37s, increasing during the leg up to 39 knots. Best speed of this leg was set by Patrik Diethelm (ITA, F2, North) with 39.58 knots, holding down Finian Maynard (BVI, F2) into second. Swedish Anders Bringdal scored a third place in his comeback-event and showed ambitions to really fight the well known names.

The ladies fleet was won by Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) with an impressive 33.67 knots ahead of Karin Jaggi (SUI, F2, North). Seems to become the same battle as at the last event in Karpathos. English Zara Davis came into second, beaten in close racing by Valerie, only .11 knots slower.

After giving the riders a lunch break the call was on for the next round, but the wind direction shifted and for the given angle the wind was not strong enough. After seeing the AP flying for another 30 minutes the course was re-opened in solid 30 knots of wind, and the first times again proved the right decision. several 39ers were set before Antoine Albeau (FRA) and Bjorn Dunkerbeck (AND, T1, North) hit the magical 40 mark. Bjorn set the fastest time of the day with 40.21 knots. The condition went worse in the following, as the tide came up and the waves started bouncing back in the course. So the speeds went significantly down to the end of the leg, and that's why the race director did not call for a third round today, and the riders were happy about that.

The women's was won by Karin Jaggi again, holding down Valerie into second and Zara Davis into third. Best speed was also set by Karin with 35.75 knots.

Overall standings after 3 legs:

Men 1. Finian Maynard 2. Patrik Diethelm 3. Antoine Albeau 4. Bjorn Dunkerbeck 5. Jose Bahadour

Women 1. Karin Jaggi 2. Valerie Ghibaudo 3. Zara Davis

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Zara Davis sent us this quick update of how the competition has been going for her:

"31st July 1st day of competition The first day without Calima wind brought almost perfect flat conditions on the water, but not windwise. With 22-25 knots it was just sailable on an angle of app. 135 degrees.This is normally my nightmare conditions with slow speeds. So I am very pleased to be lying 2nd to Karin who achieved an impressive 33.25 with me just behind on 32.51. In the Men's fleet lead changed between Bjorn, Finian, Jose and Antoine in the beginning, but Finian had some fast runs with a top speed of 37.34 knots. In the end, this was the fastest speed recorded, and he was able to hold back Antoine to second place and Jose into third. Cyril finished fourth and Bjorn fifth, but we are sure that he will strike back. 1 st Aug A disappointing day for me with two 3rds, I was hoping to make some ground on Valerie & Karin in the stronger winds, but there two weeks prior slalom racing here has really made a difference. Men Leg 2: 1. Patrick Diethelm, 2. Finian Maynard, 3. Anders Bringdal, 4. Antoine Albeau, 5. Ben van der Steen... Women: 1. Valerie Ghibaudo, 2. Karin Jaggi, 3. Zara Davis Bjorn and Antoine both did an impressive 40 knots in the second heat of the day Results Men Leg 3: 1. Bjorn Dunkerbeck, 2. Patrick Diethelm, 3. Antoine Albeau, 4. Finian Maynard, 5. Jose Bahadour... Women: 1.Karin Jaggi, 2. Valerie Ghibaudo, 3. Zara Davis Still three days to go!" Zara Is Sponsored by Gaastra, Tabou, DaKine and Walnut Grove Clinic