A record has been set. Today at registration, the Pro Kids Committee greeted and registered 131 competitors for the event. Team Aruba and Team Curacao brought over 65 kids combined. Their spirit and enthusiasm added to the positive island vibe. It took over 3 hours to register the masses including the teams from Aruba and Curacao. During registration, lively music played as the event site reached completion. At 6 PM a press conference was held with dignitaries and event officials welcoming all. Happy Hour followed adding to the festive mood of the many sailors and spectators.


The day started off with the officials noticing what has been called “the blob" on the weather radar. A tropical system passed to the north of Bonaire this morning drenching the island with intense rain showers. Despite the inclement weather volunteers set up the press scaffolding in the water and the entire crew prepared for the first day of heats. By 12 the rain had passed and a skippers meeting was held by race officials Tinho and Susie Dornellas and local race assistant, Franklin “Paco" Veeris. The Judges comprised of an international mix of windsurf experts met to discuss the scoring system. The bay was a riot of color as over 100 kids trained their tricks in preparation for the upcoming heats. From 1-4 PM heats were held for the boys. A course was set up and despite very light winds the competitors brought on some funky freestyle moves. Some of the leaders of the heats included the international delegation including Dominik Kovarik from the Czech Republic and Max Droege from Germany. Dieter van der Eijken from Belgium also shined today in the heats. Arubian hot shots twins Quincy and Wesley Connor led the pack representing Aruba as did Felix Martina from Curacao. This kid had an infection non stop smile on the water. These kids were full of island spirit during their heats. Local heroes included Bjorn Saragoza, Arturo Soleano, Youp Schmidt and Archuendro Finies. Other Bonairean hot shots showing a dazzling display including Hendrick Ballentien and Rodderick Boekhoudt. The day ended with vibrant happy hour and music by the Silver Bullet Steel Band.