Where can you find Reading in Middlesex, Newbury in Essex and Weymouth in Plymouth?

The answer is Massachusetts in the USA. What has this got to do with Windsurfing?

Well this year Martha's Vineyard Windsurfing Challenge was disrupted because

of the tragedy of September 11th.

Nigel Tailyour from Bray Lake was going to fly there the day before to take

part in the "Longest Windsurf Race in the World" all 55 miles of it,

round Martha's Vineyard, an island about 50 miles from Boston.

However the New York tragedy put paid to that. An email has come from our American

friends (Nevin Sayre the organiser) who has asked if some Limeys would like

to come over in Sept. 2002 to support the Yanks in their Memorial Race in 2002.

They will supply the boards, all we do is take the rig and some beer.

The trip is being organised by Nigel Tailyour so call him on 01865 865865 or

email Nigel@securitrac.co.uk to

express your interest in the longest windsurf race in the world.

Nigel Tailyour

28 Valley Road

Henley on Thames