German/Spanish youngster Alessio Stillrich (E-95) has joined the Fanatic International Windsurfing Team! At only 12 years of age, Alessio is the youngest member of the wild Fanatic Pozo Team and is very much looking forward to train together with his new team colleagues Jonas Ceballos, Eleazar Alonso Sanchez and Nayra Alonso at his home spot. Victor Fernandez is his big idol and so Alessio has some of the worlds best training partners to go sailing with!

Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach: "I´m happy to have Alessio on our team, he is sailing unreal for his age and has a big potential for the future! And he´s a very nice personality who fits really perfectly into our Fanatic team!"

Alessio Stillrich: “I’m very happy! Sebastian definitely shapes the best boards and I´m a big fan of Victor Fernandez. On top will be fun to be in the same team with my Pozo friends Ele, Jonas and Nayra"!

Personal Data: Name: Alessio Stillrich Sail Number: E-95 Birthday: 14.3.95 Country: Gran Canaria/ Spain Favourite discipline: Wave! But I like freestyle to Best results: 1st Canarian Waveriders Juniors ´06 Favourite spot: Pozo Izquerdo Favourite manoeuvre: Backloop, Taka and Gecko Flaka How I started Windsurfing: My mom´s friend gave me his old board and she and her friends showed me how to do it. Now it´s the other way around: I show her how to do it;-) Best windsurfing day in my life: Too many to decide for one! Other sponsors besides Fanatic: North Sails, Cutre, Still Rich, Dragon, al 360 My Goals: World Champion of course (ha ha)! My Slogan: Have fun and try till you got it! It´s such a great feeling to finally realise a move you have been trying for weeks!

Interview: 1. Welcome to Fanatic! Why did you decide to join the Fanatic team? Thank You! It´s a big pleasure! They treat their team riders so well and Sebastian shapes the best boards! As well, because I m a big fan of Victor, and because it´s fun to be in the same team with Ele, Jonas and Nayra (all " Pozo´s"). Last not least: Cutre, the local surf shop and Fanatic distributor for the Canaries sponsors me as well and helps me always, when I need it (what happens quite often!) 2. Did you get a chance to try any of our boards yet, if yes which ones and what do you think? Yes, 2 years ago! I got an old board of Jonas Ceballos. 62l and me with 36 kg! The board want off with me! But I was sooo proud to have the board of big Jonas. I look very forward to get my 44l custom waveboard from Sebastian for lower windy days. I will soon get it, and hopefully there will be some good wave-days! 3. You are the 4th addition to the Fanatic Pozo Team. What do you think being in the same team like Jonas & Eleazar Ceballos and Nayra Alonso? It s really great for me to be in the same team with them! They are so nice with me, at least, if I don t take their waves, ha ha! I don t dare. They are older and much stronger, even Nayra! 4. And what do you think of the rest of the Fanatic team? Victor is a big idol for me. He sails so good, and he is not arrogant at all! The same with Klaas and Yoli. The other guys seem to be very nice too and of course very good riders, but I don t know them so well yet. 5. How are your plans in terms of events? Do you plan to join any PWA events? For the moment I do just the Canarian Waveriders and the Juniors Wave PWA of Pozo. Later on I want make the PWA tour, but there is still a lot to learn for me! 6. Did you do any events already in the past? Yes, as I sayed: the CWA and Juniors Wave PWA here in Pozo. 7. Do you compete in any other disciplines besides waveriding? Not yet. I started freestyling this summer. I did not really like it until then. But it s so much fun, even if I m not good at all good yet! 8. What are your plans for this winter? Hopefully this winter is the same like last winter, which means windsurfing a lot. Probably go to Maui in spring or to Morocco to train the other side, snowboarding and.... studying.