The Corona Extra PWA World Cup ’07 – Day Three

Scotland’s sunny skies shine bright but the wind fails to join the party on the scenic isle of Tiree.

Kauli and victor arm wrestle over the title

Oyster tasting night

A new swell and soaring temperatures meant a day enjoying the beautiful Hebridean beaches was on the cards.

As predicted a fresh pulse of surf started to show late in the afternoon and many of the top names of windsurfing paddled out on surfboards to sharpen their wave riding skills.

The arrival of the clean groundswell has everyone’s hopes high of competition tomorrow with forecasts indicating that the afternoon may see strong enough breeze to compete.

Tonight the rider’s will have a dilemma to face. To celebrate the PWA coming to Scotland, Mitchell’s distillery have created a unique blend of whisky for the competitors to test.

But with the possibility of competition tomorrow the top names will have to savour their rations to ensure a clear head if the breeze shows by morning.

So far the title race is between tour leader and 2005 world champion Kauli Seadi (Quatro / Naish) of Brazil, and 23-yr old tour runner-up Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Simmer) of Spain.

The first call tomorrow’s at 08.00 after the usual daybreak spot check.

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