Penghu Island, Taiwan: Conditions couldn't have been more radical this

year as winds in excess of 40 knots blasted competitors for 4 solid days.

Six rounds of slalom competition were completed and Gaastra's own, Matt Pritchard

convinced everybody that he was the fastest man on the water. Using his latest

Nitro's, the fired up Pritchard won every race. His closest competition was

the big Frenchman, Antoine Albeau. Antoine fought hard but it wasn't enough

to slow Pritchard down. "I was on a mission to win this one- last year

Antoine beat me here and I didn't want that to happen again! I fought till the

death and won the fight! My sails are the fastest they

have ever been- the Nitro 3's are awesome-a big thanks go to the rest of the

Team for making this victory possible!" said the excited Pritchard.

The infamous long distance race sends competitors across to the other end of

the island and back- twice. It is quite a long reach especially in the 45 knots

of wind that hammered through the channel.

Nerves were high and anything could happen. The name of the game was keeping

it together. Last year, Pritchard suffered from equipment failure as he was

picked up and launched out of the competition. This year, he kept it on two

wheels and walked away with another win over Albeau.

The locals here are very hardcore. A typical sailing day consists of a 3.3

and the smallest board they can get their hands on. "This is one of the

windiest places I have ever been- and I have been in search of wind for the

past 10 years" said Matt.

Final Results:

1st Matt Pritchard Gaastra/AHD

2nd Antoine Albeau Neil Pryde/AHD

3rd Robby Raddis Neil Pryde/Fanatic