Dear 'water user'!

As the revision of the European Bathing Water directive draws ever nearer,

we need to let the MEPs know that this is a vital opportunity to improve the

state of our beaches and seas. We have a one in fifty year chance to make our

water environment cleaner and safer for us to enjoy, but the only way we are

going to make the changes happen is with your help.

The letter, which follows on at the bottom of this news story, firstly needs

to be firstly translated (if overseas), then either printed and sent (on headed

notepaper if applicable) or emailed to the MEP who represents your country on

the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy. It's these

guys who will be giving the rubber stamp to the new Bathing Water Directive,

so it's them that we must target with our pressure.

In order to find out who you should be sending your letter to, go to the following

website address;

This gives you a list of everyone who sits on the Committee. Find the MEP's

who are from your country, click to find their address details and either post

or email them with the letter that accompanies this letter.

Make sure you fill in your address on the top right hand side of the letter,

fill in the MEP's name and sign your name at the bottom. If you get a reply,

we'd really like to take a look, so send a copy to us at Surfers Against Sewage.

James Hendy,

Surfers Against Sewage,

Rural Workshops,

Wheal Kitty,

St Agnes,



re; Revision of the 1976 EC Bathing Water Directive


As a recreational water user I use the water all year round, sometimes

at locations that are not used by bathers.

At the present time legislation designed to protect the public from

coming into contact with sewage polluted water does not recognise that

I exist. The 1976 Bathing Water Directive applies only to those areas

where a significant number of 'bathers' go in the water and is applicable

only in the summer months.

This means that as a water user my health can be jeopardised simply

by participating in the sport I love.

As you will be aware the 1976 EC Bathing Water Directive is currently

being revised. As one of the millions of water users who use Europe's

coastal and inland waters each year, I would like to see a number of

changes to the legislation in order that me and my fellow water users

get the protection we deserve.

I hope that you will ensure that when this directive is revised the

following will be incorporated;

· A broadening of the concept of 'bathing waters' to take into

account those waters heavily used by citizens participating in water

contact recreation.

· Acknowledgement of the year round nature of water use at certain


· The development of a standard and methodology that will give

the best possible health protection.

· Accessible, up to date information to enable the public to

make an informed choice about which waters they use, and when.

· The benefits of adopting the above proposals will not be felt

by the water user alone; the tourism and leisure industry also stand

to benefit.

I hope that as a Member of the European Parliament and also a member

of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy you

will acknowledge the importance of taking this directive forward in

a way that will benefit everyone using our water environment.

Yours sincerely,