MauiSails agrees to Kevin Pritchard Departure (Maui, Hawaii, USA - January, 2008)

Phil McGain, President of the company, commented on the new direction for his sailing partner of the past fifteen years; "We wish Kevin the best of luck. We have all enjoyed working with him over the years. It's always challenging to end long partnerships, but sometimes change is invaluable and must be accepted with gratitude and appreciation."

Designer, Barry Spanier commented, "Working with Kevin and helping him to become a World Champion has been very satisfying and personally rewarding. His participation will be missed. But sometimes it's like Yogi Berra once said, 'If there's a fork in the road, you have to take it.' I certainly wish him the best in his new circumstances."

MauiSails would also like to announce and welcome Norio Asano (J-25) of Led Iron, our new Japanese distributor. We are excited to develop our relationship with Norio, and look forward to years of his high level performance. Norio is the current slalom racing national champion and is a very accomplished wave sailor.

We are also happy to continue working with Martin Van Meurs, who will be our dedicated speed master, and we expect him to follow his amazing fifty knot GPS speed with higher levels of achievement and possible World Records. Martin will continue to administer the online Speed forum.

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Kevin says

"Well, I guess it is officially an end of an era. After 15 years of working together with Barry and Phil it is time to take on new challenges and take the other side of the road. Disappointing to say the least but it is time to move on and go into the brave unknown. As for now, I dont have a new sail sponsor and I am currently looking at all other brands. I have some offers from other brands but at the moment I have not committed to any. I am going to go out and test all the brands that will loan me some sails and we will see what happens. I think it will be fun to get out on the Prydes, Gaastras, Norths, maybe some Goya's, Severn also look to have a good range this year so it is all kinda up in the air. I just hope to get some gear soon as it looks like the wind is going to come back and the boys at Maui Sails came and grabbed all the gear that I have been riding, so I have nothing to sail on at the moment. I guess I better go down to HiTech and get out the credit card.."