DOUGLAS “CHEO" DIAZ “Ready to rock on RRD boards"

Venezuelan Freestyle wizard Douglas “Cheo" Diaz has joined the Rrd International Windsurfing Team.

Cheo ia an amazing and supremely talented freestyler and definitely one to watch on the 2008 PWA World Tour. Here are some of his expectations about the incoming season.

My feelings beeng on Rrd Team for 2008 season? I’m really happy to join the RRD Team since I’m pretty sure this change will help me to flare up my motivations as higth as possible! I left at my shoulders a bad freestyle season having to manage too much pressure, but now I’m looking forward to have a strong come back on the Freestyle Tour, since I’m feeling more relaxed and strongly motivated. I’ve already start training for the incoming season and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be up to the expectations of my new board sponsor Roberto Ricci.

What do I expect from this 2008 season? I hope doing good in all PWA and EFPT Freestyle Events I will attend and, of course, to climb the PWA Freestyle ranking to be again on the top positions. As well I’ll do some trips to train waves and also tray to do good in some slalom competitions just to have fun blasting on 2008 Rrd X-Fire boards! My trick to climb the PWA Freestyle ranking? Rules have changed for the 2008 season, and judges will be more interested in radical and air moves. So actually I’m training some air moves like: doble loops, air chacho, shove it in to spock, clew first goiter and some other radical stuffs like those. Let see how those will work!