It's always good to see up and coming sailors getting supported, and latest in the frame is 19 year-old Steve 'SJ' Jarvis.

SJ, who hails from Southampton, told us:

"My local shop 4boards have just got me a sponsorship deal with Fanatic/North and Prolimit, which is perfect for me as I used Fanatic and North kit a lot before I was sponsored. I'm going to be attending all of the Four Nations events this year, hoping to get some good results and please everyone. Last summer I spent three months in Pozo, and this summer I'm going to spend three months in Feurteventura to get some different conditions.

I'm still at Uni, and a student life is a windsurfing life, so I'm getting plenty of days at the beach.

Thanks to Bob at 4boards for helping to sort this whole thing out for me."

SJ is now sponsored by North/Fanatic, Prolimit and The University of Southampton

Check out SJ's website at www.esjay.co.nr