Z-RIDE WOOD “Sparkling new star"

If you want to go fast and then immediately turn around on the spot, accelerate and catch top speed in 1 second, then these are the perfect boards for you, say RRD.

Team rider Jem Hall says: 'The Y12 boards exhibited a huge amount of stability and very easy passive planing, their gybing was predictable and they had great exit speed - comfy and easy in a nutshell. Y13 sees the boards retaining these qualities and adding more top end with much tighter gybing. They are faster both in feel and performance and really fly upwind! With their already impressive gybing we have now given the rider the versatility of choosing their arc - wide for the learner / improver gyber and tight for those carving rippers. They come out as slightly smaller in feel this year so I would equate the 135 with last years 120. They draw a lot of their R and D from the super fast and controllable X fire race range. There is a footstrap position to cater for every rider, so you can grow with the board as your blasting improves and your gybing gets better."

DECK AND RAIL: The rails of the board are full throughout the board’s profile allowing the rider to maintain stability and early planing. These are two of the main features for a freeride board and the Z ride has them in abundance. This kind of rail shape allows us to have a relatively flat deck shape that allows more stable footwork all over the board. This is an important quality for people who would like to get easy balance on the board and want to maintain this balance through the gybe. Stable and easy!

HULL: The hull is double concave throughout all the board with a full V rail-to-rail configuration. This is the best hull shape to enhance handling characteristics over chop and in rough conditions and is also easy and forgiving to gybe on these larger freeride boards. Controllable and easy!

TAIL: The tail now features new deeper recesses with an oversized area and sharp edges, as the board has a very low rocker these cut-outs free the board on the water for when you want really go fast. The recesses allow the board not only a better top speed but they also allow to better gybing due to a reduced tail area.

FIN: All the Z-Ride Wood boards are provided with ZX Maui Fin Company Pre-Preg fins. These fins are designed as racing fins but with a slightly stiffer tip to give better planing ability to the board.

ACCESSORIES The Z-Ride Wood boards feature: - Full EVA deck to allow easy footwork on the working area of the board; - Multi position inserts allow options to change footstrap position from very inside beginner stance, to very outside for the racing oriented stance, and there is also an option for a more manoeuvrable stance.

NEW MAIN FEATURES: Added Tail recesses with oversized area and sharp edges. Narrower tail widths and wider middle outlines. Full double concave on a single V rail-to-rail configuration.

RESULT: The board line that incorporates the most parameters to achieve a great balance of speed, control and early planing coming in a handy mix of explosive real sportive windsurfing! FAST, FUN AND EASY - Catch ‘em if you can!

More info from http://www.seaspritesports.com/windsurfing-rrdboards.php