Lots of unique stuff stolen - reward offered. Let's try and catch the buggers

who did it...

Please note the following equipment has been stolen. If you see or hear of

the whereabouts of any of the kit, please Ring/E-Mail either Sean or Steve ASAP.

Most of the kit is unique and should be easy enough to spot.

1. Seatrend Pro Race 276

Length: 276

Width: 58

Volume: 110L

Weight: 6.2kg

Year: 2001

Serial No.: 14101033 (in mast track)

Type: Slalom board

Colour: Silver with white deck pads and black Da Kine foot straps.

Board bag: Red Stix bag with black piping around the edge, the board is a little

too long for the bag and sticks out the end.


The board has a unique shape with very straight-boxed rails and a thicker nose

than most other boards. It has a round tail and uses a Tuttle box fin. The board

also has a very high rocker line

Please note: This board is the ONLY one in the country, so there is no way

it could belong to anyone else.

2. AHD Free Diamond 60

Length: 268cm

Width 60cm

Volume: 99L

Weight: 7.2kg

Year: 2001

Type: Freeride/Slalom

Colour: Pale blue with black deck pads and black straps

Board Bag: White Da Kine bag with black piping and big Logo on one side.

3. Booms:

1x Race 225 – 270. (Carbon)

Colour: Black/White

This boom has an adjustable outhaul system on it, which is similar to the Neil

Pryde Outhaul kit. (2x Blue cleats, 2x pullies, 1x Green 5mm? Spectra rope,

1x Red 5mm? Spectra rope, 1x Yellow 3mm Spectra rope). There are 2 sets of harness

lines on the boom: 2x Neil Pryde Adjustable Lines (Black w/orange tube) + 2x

Pryde Quick Release lines (Black w/black or Grey tube).

See attached pictures for the shape and colouring of the boom.

1x Race 210 – 255. (Carbon)

1x Race 195 – 240. (Carbon)

1x Race 180 – 225. (Carbon)

Colour: Black/White

These booms all look similar and all have either Pryde adjustable harness lines

(Black w/orange) or Pryde Quick Release Travel lines (Black w/black or grey


1x Wave 130 – 175. (Carbon)

Colour: Black/White

This boom has fixed length non-branded lines (Black w/black tube).

1x North Sails Boom 210-225 (Aluminium)

Colour: Black

This boom has Pryde adjustable harness lines (Black w/orange tube). It has a

non-pivoting head and is not a very common boom. (i.e.: only one!!)

4. Sails:

Naish Stealth 9.5

Colour: Yellow/Orange

This is the only sail like it in the country. It has IR–1 sail numbers

and is one of the first sails to have a block head shape. Surfdock + 5 Miles

Out stickers on both sides of the sail below the boom and possibly "Cabarete

Race Week" stickers on both sides above the boom. The tack fairing (where

the mast base is) has had a small repair done in black material.

North Sails 6.8 IQ plus 3

Colour: Blue

This sail is heavily branded with stickers from Surfdock, 5 Miles Out, Noah'

s Ark, O'Neil and possibly Heineken. It has IR – 11 as sail numbers. And

has had a few repair jobs in the center of the sail, behind the boom and in


panel above. As far as I am aware, it is the only sail of its size/colour/model

in Ireland.

North Sails 6.2 IQ 3D

Colour: Yellow

Again this sail has stickers from Surfdock, 5 Miles Out, Noah's Ark, O'Neil

and possibly Heineken. It has "Cabarete Race Week" stickers on both

sides of the sail above the boom. It is quite new looking and has IR-11 sail

numbers. And also is a very unique model/colour for Ireland.

North Sails 4.6 IQ plus 3

Colour: Dark Blue

This sail is hardly used and has Surfdock + 5 Miles Out stickers. Sail numbers:

IR-1. And one panel has been replaced.

Please if you have any information on the whereabouts of any of the above kit

please contact Sean or Steve at the following:

Sean - +353 1 235 0447 - +353 1 235 0458 - Sean@Windsurfireland.com


Steve - +353 87 283 1377 – Steve@Windsurfireland.com

Please note: A reward is being offered for any information leading to the recovery

of the above!!!