A quick report from last nights Poole Slalom Club:

The forecast was for a light westerly breeze but we ended up with an excellent 15kts plus with bright blue skies. Racing started at 5.30 and we raced for a couple of hours. After what seemed like 20 back to back figure of eight races the fleet were pooped. A handful of sailors including Ed from K-Bay stayed out for another 20 minutes as the wind died off.

The fleet were using anything from 7.5 sails down to 5.8. Matt Wemms arrived, fresh from his PWA Costa Brava trip where he finished 35. With his 5.8 North Warp and Falcon 79 litre slalom board he showed us all a clean pair of heels and demonstrated his gybing skills. A real lesson there.

On a few occasions others including Ed and Fred did pip Matt to the post but only because Matt started last and got caught up at the gybes with lulls that did hindered him. On one occasion however with a lull in the wind the winner was actually on a 5 year old JP freestyle board with a homemade 5.2 sail. It was a great performance and apologies for not knowing your name but it proved that you don't need all the toys to do well but good sailing skills will always come to the fore.

The next opportunity to participate will be next Thursday evening. If you are interested to join in then please subscribe to http://ukwindsurfing.com/contact/pooleslalom_subscribe and you will receive information on the time and place. You can come along and join in at any time. The only thing we ask is that you join the UKWA to ensure that you have the adequate third party insurance and so that we are covered by UKWA insurance.

Links to footage from a previous weekend event are below. Some of the thrills and spills from a month ago, Saturday May 24, are finally viewable at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZFpOfwiM7k