Poole Rubber Fetishist Group Meeting

Many thanks to Gay Times pin-up Jamie Hawkins for attending the Poole Rubber Fetishist Club meeting on Sandbanks beach yesterday (Thursday 10 July). He looked great in his 3mm rubber head to toe skin tight suit and we all enjoyed wearing ours. Many chose to wear 'nappy harnesses' to frame their private parts nicely, and some of the fatty boys wore waist harnesses to keep their tummies looking tighter. Ed, Fred and Jamie even wore sweet little rubber slippers and don't you think Dave looks great with his handle bar mustache?

We held about eight races in perfect 7-8m winds and sunshine, all in reverse grid format so the leaders started from the back. Wemmsy, Jamie and I, all fresh back from our recent trip to Brighton, were able to have a good look at everyone from behind before we came inside you at the gybe marks.

I always think it's a shame we have to leave the beach and lube up in the water with all that windsurfing, but it was a classic slalom session last night, and Jamie was as dashing as ever, winning every race with some ease, although he came a bit too early so had to leave prematurely, allowing myself, Wemmsy, Julian and Andy to all win races.

Well done to all the newcomers hacking the pace and action in the six leg downwind slalom course. I'm sure everyone is aching today, I still have a pain in my lower back and I noticed a lot of people going down at the gybes.

Sorry Fred for our coming together, I thought you looked lovely with that new centre parting, but you were such a bitch with all that shouting at the gybes! I've seen you pull one off before.

"Right" said Fred.

Thanks to Dave from the Academy for supplying the inflatable buoys, they went down a treat.

It was probably the toughest day Poole Rubber Fetish Group have had yet, but as a result of all the action I'm sure we've all progressed and got nicely tuned up for next week. Bring it on!

And take a serious look at yourselves in that photo you raving bunch of weirdos, have some dignity, there is a reason why I wear shorts over my rubber outfit.

Yeah, print that Boards mag!

Guy Cribb

(Right then - we will! Ed.)