The new beginner/intermediate board...

to start and go! The design concept was to create a board, which is suitable

to the needs of beginners, not only for their first learning-steps. It should

be able to help the rider to stand in the straps after a short time and to get

the first feeling of planing. A board that can advance through all the stages

of learning, so that the customer needs only one board for a substantial amount

of time! The new Viper 90 suits the needs of schools as well as the interests

of a family-oriented windsurfer. For a average skilled windsurfer, even with

a higher weight, it will be perfect to get the board planing extremly early

and to practice manoeuvers. The Viper 90 has an excellent light wind performance

level and is also able to handle very big sails. Footsteering, gybing, tacking,

etc. are no problem for the new Viper 90!

The shape has a lot of influence from the very successful Falcon and Ray boards,

where width, volume and scoop line are the key. The width of 90cm, makes it

extremely stable and balanced for beginners. This same width produces an incredible

light wind planing performance.

The Balanced Volume concept is also perfect for beginners as it produces a

very stable yet efficient board size, with zero "no step" zones -

always balanced and forgiving. This concept also reduces drag and optimises

the performance as the thin manoeuvre rails allow easy gybing and control.

The Air Cushion rocker line used on the Ray´s is perfect for the Viper

90, control is amazing and the light wind planing ability, upwind performance

and overall easy feeling this scoop line delivers, is perfect for all the different

riders, who will use the Viper 90.

The thin Manouever Rails are great for beginners when mounting onto the board,

for control and tight gybes for first time gybers and more advanced riders too!

Design Features

Softdeck Covers the whole deck area, softdeck-skin has thermoheated

surface for higher surface durability

Integrated Nose-Shield Thermo-formed part avoids structural damages

on the board when the rig crashes on the board´s nose; also exchangeable

(when damaged)

Fully removable Daggerboard Necessary for rig-steering manoeuvres

Balanced Shape Concept Outline and thickness work together to

ensure the perfect amount of lift and volume placement is achieved through

a wide mid point and thinner nose/tail shapes. No matter where you stand

on the board, it is always perfectly stable and balanced

Air Cushion Scoop Rocker Line A scoop rocker line that creates

incredible light wind lift giving the Viper the

perfect trim position on the water as though it is floating on a cushion

of air

Manoeuvre Rails The thin, tucked rails are a direct influence

from the Freestyle/Wave boards to allow the Viper to be controlled and

manouevered like a far smaller board

Optimum V-Shape Maximum in tail for control and upwind angle, reduced

in mid-section for control and speed

High Resistance Skin Thermo-composite technology, which offers

a optimum weight and durable construction for everyday usage. The thick

skin gives the board hull a high strength, ding and impact resistance



Vol. (l)








Weight (kg)









Fin Fanatic Free PA/GFK 35cm Powerbox, Daggerboard


4 Fanatic Screw/Velcro Footstraps, Windrange:

1 – 20kn.,

Sailsize: 2.0 – 12.0m²

RRP inc VAT £599.00

UK Fanatic Importer: Surf Centre on 01834 845111