Your Favourite Pic Turned Into Art

Bluefinart provides a service whereby digital images can be commissioned and turned into stunning and unique Photoart which is printed onto high quality canvases.

When he's not windsurfing the man behind Bluefinart, Rod Hanchard-Goodwin, is a digital artist who has been selling canvas prints online and in galleries for the past 2 years.

Says Rod:

Using digital photos I manipulate images in Photoshop which are either taken by myself or supplied by customers. I normally work with an image adjusting basic things such as contrast and colours before applying my digital brush techiques which produce my unique linear style. Once I am happy with the image it is scaled up to be suitable for printing onto large canvases. The image is then sent to the printers who print it onto canvas, add a protective coating and stretch it onto a ready to hang frame.

I sometimes use 'artist licence' to add further details or reduce others. The original photo abovewas taken by Maxine Bodart and the sailor is Thomas Berkvens at Moulay Bouzarqtoune, Morocco.

If anyone is interested in getting a print commissioned please drop me a line at or visit my website

In terms of cost I can offer Boards readers a discount of 30% on commissions. It will be 120 pounds for a 55 by 25 cm canvas up to 160 pounds for a 110 by 52 cm canvas. I also offer a money back guarantee and no commitment is required until the customer is happy with the final draft before it goes to print.