Fanatic launch the first big freeride board smaller than 260cm...

Sebastian Wenzel´s latest creation, the Cross 140 the Cross family is

now even bigger! The new Cross 140 has so many innovative design features and

user possibilities, that it could only be part of the Cross range - boards that

change and adapt according to disciplines, riders and conditions!

  • The first "big" Freeride board smaller than 260cm!
  • The largest light wind Freestyle board on the market, whilst still being

    one of the shortest!

  • Massive Freerace potential!
  • The most user friendly Freemove board in its class!

The new Cross 140 is the ultimate blend of Freestyle, Freeride, Freemove and

Freerace boards! It´s as short or even shorter than many Freestyle boards,

wider than a lot of Freerace/Freeride boards and has the best manoeuvre qualities

of any freemove board out there. Through the incredible wind range and loads

of footstrap options, the Cross 140 satisfies every sailors needs and desires.

The wide mid point is the key to the success of the incredible early planing

qualities of the Cross 140, this width is also responsible for the perfect control.

The Constant Rocker line from our mega successful Cross range trims this board

into the perfect sailing position on the water, staying free and fast, with

lightning fast acceleration and great manoeuvre capabilities. The thin manoeuvre

rails are the secret to the manoeuvrability of the Cross 140 - a board that

can perform carving 360´s in the straps just as easily as it rotates through

it´s 259cm length in full-on spin-loops!

The combination of shape details and features, the proven Carbon Cross technology

and some fun Freestyle details make the Cross 140 the ultimate board!

Design Features

X Nose-Pad Offers protection during crashes whilst having a major

impact on the performance of the 140 - the shorter length dramaticaly

improves the reaction of the board during manoeuvres

Tucked In Tail Outline Perfect for carving full on race gybes and

fun freestyle moves. The flat deck up front is a super-stable platform

for tricksters and first time shortboarders alike.

Balanced Shape Concept Ensures perfect stability and balance -

no matter where you stand. Unmatched stability through same thickness

proportionatly from nose to tail. The overall surface area on the deck

is wide enough to forgive all mistakes

Constant Rocker Line A refined version of the first Cross rocker,

combining lift and control, with a

extremly loose trim on the water, max top speed

Manoeuvre Rails The thin, tucked rails give great grip and control,

all manoeuvres can be performed at top speed like far smaller boards.

Tucked in the tail, round up front in the nose for fin-first sliding

V-Bottom For the smoothest ride, creates just the right amount

of lift and makes even the biggest chop feel like flat water

T-Stringer Inserted between the tail and mast track to minimise

the twist effect, thereby ensuring a consistent and enduring scoop line;

high breakage resistance

Carbon Sandwich Construction (CS) PVC-Sandwich construction, perfect

synergy between low weight/high stiffness and maximum durability, utilising

a glass-carbon combination

Cross Concept Fin Specially developed fins for the Cross boards,

loads of low end lift and twisting trailing edge for upper end speed and










Weight (kg)






Carbon Sandwich


Maui Fin Company X 42cm, Spine Technology,


4 Fanatic Lycra Velcro Footstraps, Sailsize:

5.5 – 8.5m²

RRP inc VAT £699.00

UK Fanatic Importer: Surf Centre on 01834 845111