First Triple Loop - Free TV Quality Footage!

For the first time ever a triple loop has been attempted in windsurfing

by Brazilian Ricardo Campello on the PWA World Tour 2008. This highly

skillful move requires the windsurfer to do three full revolutions in the air

from launching off of a wave. Campello was the first ever windsurfer to

attempt this seemingly impossible manoeuvre and has now set a new

standard in the sport.

The TV Rough-Cut shows the move from different angles (including helicopter)

as well a Interview and Extra Shots with Ricardo Campello.

The footage is right free to be used for Internet and TV and available for

download from our FTP-Server in uncompressed, PAL, 16:9, TV QuickTime quality.

Feel free to download from here:


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Password: tonix2007

Format: PAL, 16:9, H 264, QuickTime, TV Quality