New from F2 - two great designs orientated towards the beginner/intermediate...

Welcome to the discovery range...

Discovery one90

'Discovery one90' provides the perfect platform to enter the sport of windsurfing.

This brand new design enables you to progress through the early stages quickly

and with ease.

The generous width, optional dagger board, EVA padded deck and ample volume,

create stability and comfort.

Effortless to uphaul, quick to get going and simple to tack and gybe, the 'Discovery

one90' is the classic board to learn

and experience the fundamentals of the sport.

Yet once the essentials have been mastered, the 'Discovery one90' can still

take you further and help you develop your windsurfing skills. Uterlising the

boards outline shape, and effective rocker line, the 'Discovery one90' encourages

you on to the plane without the need for oversized sails. The uncomplicated

deck layout and easy access foot straps takes you straight into the realms of

'planing' windsurfing in an easy, stable environment. Giving you an effortless,

Freeride feel.

Your entry into windsurfing has never been easier!

Target Group

Windsurfing for everyone. If you are new to the sport, and want to learn quickly,

the 'one90' should be your first choice. Ideal for the whole family, this new

design will give you all you need to enjoy the sport.

Discovery one70

The 'Discovery one70' is a new concept for progressive windsurfers. The board

offers entry level qualities, but also

appeals to those who are looking for a fast introduction to 'planing' windsurfing.

The EVA padded deck, extra wide shape and optional center fin allow even the

most tentative newcomer the chance to experience the thrill of windsurfing.

The board is specifically designed to encourage and provide a 'short board

feel', yet is stable, comfortable and easy to master the basics on.

Lightweights, ladies and kids, will appreciate the stability that the extra

width and 170 Litres of volume provide. Those of more superior stature will

find the 'one70' has a sprightly feel, which is still reliably steady under

foot, when mastering the footstraps and planing skills. The multi option footstraps,

enable settings to be adapted to suit the user. The forward/inboard positions

provide ultra easy access for newcomers. The more rearward and outboard positions

compliment the slightly more experienced or progressive user.

The attraction of the 'one70' is the combination of stability and ease for beginners

and the early planing qualities of a short board. The 'one70' offers the chance

to progress quickly and effortlessly on one board.

The quickest, easiest way to a fast, Freeride!

Target Group

The 'Discovery one70', ideally suited for a rapid progression through windsurfing.

The perfect board for kids, women, lightweights and the eager beginner.

For more information visit the F2 website, or contact UK importer White Boarders

on 01206 309800 or email