The 2008 Fuerteventura PWA Grand Slam – Day Eight

26.07.08 -

Marcilio Browne and Sarah-Quita Offringa fight their way to the top of the second single elimination, then fend off attacks from Ricardo Campello and Daida Moreno in the double to cement their positions at the top of the podium.

Ricardo throws a goita

Another perfect day in Fuerte

Sarah-Quita mid air-flaka

First on the day’s agenda was to finish up the second single elimination, which had been started the previous day. In the men’s fleet, this was quickly narrowed down to a semi final of Estredo (Fanatic, North, MFC) versus Browne (Mistral, Gaastra) and Tonky Frans (F2, Gaastra) versus Campello (JP, NeilPryde, MFC).

Advancing into the final, Browne defeated Estredo to take the victory, leaving Estredo in second. And in the losers final, Campello beat Frans to take third, with Frans in fourth.

In the women’s fleet, a Daida Moreno (North) versus De Brendt (Fanatic, North) and Nagoshi (Simmer, Dakine) versus Offringa (Starboard, NeilPryde) semi final, saw Offringa and Daida Moreno emerge victorious, meaning they advanced into the final. The subsequent brawl was won by Offringa, with Moreno taking second, De Brendt third, and Nagoshi fourth.

After a short break, the second double elimination kicked off. In the wings, Browne and Offringa endured their second painstaking wait, while their rivals fought for the opportunity to challenge them for first place.

In the men’s double, Otaegui (JP, NeilPryde, MFC) made the most impressive comeback, rising through four heats before he finally fell at the hands of Thode (Starboard, Gaastra). Thode then departed courtesy of Tonky Frans.

Frans went on to battle with Campello, and despite landing a super clean air chachoo, couldn’t match Campello’s crazy shuvit spock and pushloop. With the stakes getting higher, Campello advanced to duel with Estredo. The awesome heat saw air flakas from both sailors, a backloop from Campello, and a one handed air funnel from Estredo. It was a tough call to make, but Campello was ultimately rewarded with victory, meaning he’d go on to battle with Browne in a repeat of the first double elimination.

Dropping off the boil, Browne made the mistake of giving Campello a bit of breathing space. Campello seized the opportunity, landing a shuvit spock, and an air funnel to defeat Browne.

To take the elimination, Campello then had to overthrow Browne one more time. Both sailors hit the water again, but this time it was Campello who had slacked off.

Browne punished the Venezuelan’s mistakes, landing an air funnel, and a before unheard of, air cana brava. The super slick display was enough to stop Campello in his tracks, and award Browne his second successive elimination victory.

In the women’s fleet, Treboux (Fanatic, North) bulldozed her way through the opposition, leaving victims Iballa Moreno (North), Alonso (Fanatic, Severne), Nagoshi (Simmer, Dakine) and De Brendt (Fanatic, North) in the wake of her resurgence.

Her stumbling block would come when she met Daida Moreno. A barrage of loops, and fully planning sliding moves condemned Treboux to third place, while the ever-determined Moreno advanced to take on the might of Offringa in the final.

The pair were evenly matched, Offringa landed a flaka and a funnel, to Moreno’s reply of a one footed forward, and a ponch. Right into the final minute of the heat it looked almost impossible to call a winner, then Offringa nailed an air flaka, and a flaka diablo. The moves were a killer blow for Moreno, who’d let victory escape her grasp. Winning, Offringa claimed her second elimination win of the event so far, and took one step closer to becoming 2008 World Champion.

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