Local windsurfing aces the Oxford Zoomers are just one event away from being crowned Regional Champions for the third year running after winning the penultimate round of the RYA’s Team15 (T15) South Region Youth Windsurfing Championship this weekend (Saturday 26th July).

Having won the Championship for the past two years the Zoomers have been focused on a hat trick and look to be on course to getting it after remaining unbeaten so far this season.

Saturdays event, held at Queen Mary Reservoir London, saw lovely barmy weather however, this resulted in some tricky windsurfing conditions. With very light wind shifting its direction constantly the Zoomers had to keep their wits about them to spot the shifts and pick the winning racing lines round courses.

Racing was spilt into five sail size classes with the less experienced younger sailors sailing in the 3.5m and 4.5m classes and the more experienced older sailors sailing in the 5.5m, 6.8m and 6.8m techno classes.

Going one better than the past two events the Zoomers really pulled the stops out this time and won every class contested with three sailors Molly Todd in the 3.5m, George Simmonds in the 5.5m and Chloe Hopgood in the 6.8m, posting ‘bullets’ (winning all their races).

Zoomer Will Burrows, a new comer to T15 this year, put in an impressive performance in the 4.5m class too loosing just one race to Londoner Jason Harbor, a member of the Queen Mary Skimmers, and winning class victory.

Team mate Chris Guest also had a good event tussling with fellow Zoomer and previous class winner Tom Squires, to win his first victory of the season.

The Zoomers now go into event four, held in Poole, Dorset on 13th September, needing just to turn up with a team of at least 6 members to win their hat trick, the championship and a place at the national final the Champions Cup.

Supported by industry leaders Neilson, Tushingham/Starboard, Ultra Sport/Bic, Windsurf magazine, Boards magazine and Neil Pryde, T15 was set up to provide youngsters, up to the age of 15, with the opportunity to learn all about windsurfing and windsurf racing in a friendly club environment.

Weekly training sessions are run at RYA approved centres and clubs with RYA trained instructors and T15 coaches. All safety aspects are taken care of and equipment is provided so there’s no need to go and buy all your own kit.

Kids benefit from a great social scene as well as learning a new skill.

If you fancy giving windsurfing or T15 a go visit the T15 website www.team15.org.uk where you can find contact details for all T15 clubs. There is also a list of all RYA clubs and centres with contacts on the RYA website www.rya.org.uk who will be more than happy to advise you on how best to get started.