the same three test winning Ray shapes in an extremely durable, robust and

affordable construction...

new Fanatic E Ray is the logical evolution of our mega successful Ray range,

the same three test winning shapes in an extremely durable, robust and affordable

construction. With all the latest shape and performance details, including the

Virtual Volume Concept, Balanced Shape, Manoeuvre Rails etc., that have made

the Ray´s every sailors obvious choice!

The E Ray will be produced in the successful Fanatic High Resistance Skin Technology,

a thermo-composite technology, which offers a optimum weight and durable construction

for everyday usage. The thick skin gives the board hull a high strength, ding

and impact resistance, whilst considerable stiffness is obtained by strategic

use of glass reinforcements. A durable GFK fin and high quality Fanatic screw/velcro

footstraps will be supplied with the E Ray.

The E Rays are an unbeatable package of innovation, performance and value!

  • Rays are a new concept in wide, early planing boards, that are easy to


  • Rays are packed full of technical features - added value, high quality


  • Rays are easy to sail boards with massive wind ranges.
  • Rays are much wider, shorter and thinner than conventional Freeride shapes.
  • Rays are the most innovative boards in the Freeride class.

E Ray 130: Speed and control! The smallest of the Ray range, has all

the elements of a real Freeride board: stability, control and easy surfing.

Freerace boards are narrow and difficult to get planing, the 66 cm wide Ray

130 supplies just enough lift to rocket you onto the plane. With it´s

tucked-under Manoeuvre Rails, it keeps you even further out in front! No more

falling on your gybes, no more pumping to plane, let the Ray 130 do all the

work while you enjoy your ride!

E Ray 150: The perfect partner! The 150 is the ultimate Freeride weapon

for blasting all those cool racers away! Handles sails up to 9.5 m² without

a second thought and has a top end speed of a Freerace or Slalom board. Perfect

for first time planing and gybing, the generous 73 cm width is ultra stable

and lets you concentrate on just having fun!

E Ray 170: Planing without whitecaps, feet in or out of the straps -

no matter! The absolute light wind killer has the biggest wind range of all

the Rays, pushing early planing to lower and lower levels! Put a 10 m²

sail on it and blast your Raceboard friends to shreds as they fight for control.

Teach your friends and family to windsurf with the ultra stable 80 cm wide mid-point!

Design Features

Virtual Volume Concept Because the overall surface is so much larger,

stability and early planing are far

superior to traditional shapes - overall there is less volume needed for

the same

flotation and stability than a much bigger, conventional outline, with


performance in both lower and upper end

Balanced Shape Concept Outline and thickness work together to ensure

the perfect amount of lift and volume

placement is achieved through a wide mid point and thinner nose/tail shapes.


matter where you stand on the board, it is always perfectly stable and


Air Cushion Scoop Rocker Line A scoop rocker line that creates

incredible light wind lift giving the Ray´s the

perfect trim position on the water, as though they are floating on a cushion

of air

Manoeuvre Rails The thin, tucked rails are a direct influence

from the Freestyle/Wave boards to allow

the Ray´s to be controlled and manouevered like far smaller boards

High Resistance Skin Thermo-composite technology, which offers

a optimum weight and durable

construction for everyday usage. Thick skin gives the boards hull a high


ding and impact resistance

UK Fanatic Importer: Surf Centre on 01834 845111