The competition to name Andre Paskowski's latest video has been won by a young windsurfer from Poland, who remians anonymous but scoops all the goodies listed below.

The full version of STACKED comes out on 25 August, but Andre has uploaded a trailer to YouTube if you fancy a taster:

Name Andre's New Vid - Win Goodies!

Would you like to win a package of cool windsurfing goodies? No problem... Andre Paskowski has just come back from the PWA World Cup in Fuerteventura. He not only travelled with windsurf equipment but he also had around 30 tapes and 100gb of windsurfing footage in his bags. He has now started working on a new online video about Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. The main stuntmen will be Gollito Estredo, Victor Fernandez and Andre Paskowski, so outstanding action is guaranteed! The only thing missing is a good name for the clip. So if you have the ultimate idea about a name which might be an abstract name or is connected to the riders or spots, then please send your idea -before 7th of August - to: The winner will receive: - 1 original Fuerteventura PWA Lycra signed by Gollito and Andre - 1 brand new Fanatic Addicted to Ride DVD - 1 Fanatic Cap - 1 North Shirt from the 2009 Line