After twelve months, thousands of air miles and the toughest windsurfing competition

in the world the 2000 PWA Tour is complete and the champions are decided. The

PWA World Tour encompasses three disciplines, wave, race and freestyle. The

tour provides a stage for the three to deliver some of the most spectacular,

dramatic and impressive water sports action imaginable.


Men's champion: Josh Stone USA-6 (JP Australia,

Neil Pryde)

Women's champion: Karin Jaggi Z-14 (F2, Arrows)

Tony Frey GR-1 (F2, Arrows)

Freestyle champions were decided following the Fuerteventura Grand Slam were

the world's best from lakes and oceans across the world gathered for the showdown.

For the second year running Josh Stone USA-6 (JP Australia, Neil Pryde) took

the men's title entertaining the crowds and inspiring the competition. The women's

title was shared by Karin Jaggi Z-14 (F2, Arrows) and Tony Frey GR-1 (Arrows)

who throughout the season both demonstrated their winning style and ability.

The season was packed with freestyle action across Europe, taking in a variety

of locations, providing true champions and taking the action to thousands of

fans. The rapid development of the discipline has resulted in a constant stream

of new moves keeping the sport dynamic and full of suprise.


Men's champion: Francisco Goya A-211 (Fanatic,


After a flying start in Maui the wave tour was troubled by light winds in the

opening European events but reached a peak in Ireland with an exciting climax

in the Chilli Aloha Classic. Francisco Goya A-211 (Fanatic, Arrows) showed great

form and after a showdown with Nik Baker K-66 (Mistral, North) in Ireland dominated

in the Chilli Aloha to take the title, finishing his winning heat with a double

loop, the same way he started the year and clinched the Irish event. Josh Angulo

US-11 (RRD) rose from the shadows to reclaim his place in the world rankings

finishing a highly respectable second for the year. Consistent performance from

Jason Polakow KA-1111 (JP Australia, Neil Pryde) ensured third place for him

and Josh Stone kept legend Robby Naish US-1111 (Mistral, Naish Sails) back in

fifth. After a disappointing start in the Chilli Aloha Classic and an untimely

knee injury Nik Baker missed out on his chance to take the title, finishing

the season in sixth place. Kai Katchadorian US-33 (Simmer) drummed up a styling

climax to take him into seventh overall for the 2000 rankings.

Women's champion: Daida Moreno E-64 (Mistral,


Daida Moreno E-64 (Mistral, North) gathered momentum throughout the season and

finished in determined style to take the wave title. Her sister Iballa E-63

(Mistral, North) held the title last year and suffered a disastrous finale to

the year compounded by injury, eliminating her from the final event of the season.

Karin Jaggi gave Daida a run for the money wining in Ireland and Colette Guadagnino

V-711 (JP Australia, Neil Pryde) stayed ahead of Jennifer Henderson US-7 (Starboard)

to finish third.


Men's champion: Kevin Pritchard US-3 (Bic,


Kevin led from the start in 2000, however everyone watched closely to see if

Bjorn Dunkerbeck E-11 (F2, Neil Pryde) could reclaim his top position or if

Micah Buzianis US-34 (Drops, North) was going to step up and overtake the 'KP

bullet'. Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura offered intense action and built up

for an amazing final in Maui. Throughout the season Antoine Albeau F-192 (AHD,

Neil Pryde) threatened to move up into a top spot but was not able to force

his way through the tightly packed top three. Jamie Hawkins K-96 (Neil Pryde)

finished the season on a high in the Chilli Aloha to take him into the top ten

for 2000.

Women's champion: Lucienne Ernst H-444 (Mistral,


Lucienne flew ahead of the women?s race fleet in The Canaries and showed no

signs of letting up in the season finale. With superior board speed she consistently

stayed ahead of the fleet, keeping Karin Jaggi at bay and refusing to allow

the rest of the competition to sit in her wake. The close competition that built

up behind Lucienne resulted in a joint second place for Karin and race revival

supremo Daida Moreno. Returning to race after a break of several years Daida

managed to pull her racing together in the closing rounds and prevent Colette

Guadagnino from claiming a top three position in women's race overall.


Men's champion: Kevin Pritchard US-3 (Bic, Gaastra)

After twelve years of dominance Kevin Pritchard has taken the crown from Bjorn

Dunkerbeck to become the third ever men's overall champion. Along with Robby

Naish and Bjorn, Kevin has now achieved heroic status. Despite slipping from

the top Bjorn retained the necessary composure to finish in second place overall.

Storming to the finish Scott Fenton kept Gaastra Team ­mate Kevin company

on the podium taking third place. Coupling a great wave performance with a ripping

finale in race Josh Angulo hustled his way into the top ten to finish in eighth

overall and demonstrate why he is a force to watch in 2001.

Women's champion: Daida Moreno E-64 (Mistral,North)

After a rocky race series in Fuerteventura Daida had a smoother run in Maui,

putting the finishing touch to a winning all round performance. Some of the

women's fleet must be in awe of Daida's trophy clean up. It is not likely to

be a surprise for Daida as she has been concentrating her efforts with Team

MPG coach Scott Sanchez, who now have an impressive team trophy cabinet adding

the prizes of Cisco Goya and Micah Buzianis. Last year's winner Karin Jaggi

retains a respectable second place and her consistent all round ability remains

clear. Lucienne Ernst's exceptionally strong race position earns her third place.