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The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) today announces two new partners

that will push the Windsurfing World Tour forwards to a greater presence on

the international sporting landscape.

Sportshows Television Limited have been appointed as the new media partner

for the PWA World Tour and Proteus Sports Limited have been awarded exclusive

marketing rights to the Tour. This will take immediate effect with the 2002

season due to start in April.

Sportshows Television is a television production and distribution company based

in London and operating on five continents. A specialist in lifestyle sports

from sailing to surfing, Sportshows TV will bring the highest international

production values and their unique experience to the filming of the PWA World


A fresh approach to the Tour will combine with long experience and specialist

equipment to produce a dedicated World Tour television series of unprecedented

dynamism and energy.

This World Tour series will be distributed worldwide to a potential household

audience estimated to be in excess of 200 million homes.

Proteus Sports is a specialist sports marketing company with offices in London

and Hong Kong. As the company responsible for the creation and promotion of

the Asian Windsurfing Tour they have unique experience in the sport and an impressive

track record. The PWA World Tour sits at the pinnacle of the sport, it's raw

energy and youthful image will be presented globally by it¹s own dedicated

television series and Proteus will recruit sponsors to partner the Tour towards

further growth.

The PWA World Tour for 2002 is set to take in fourteen events throughout Europe,

North America and the Caribbean with exciting Wave, Freestyle and Racing events.

Says Phil McGain, Chairman of the PWA "The organisation and operation

of the PWA has been revolutionised over the last year. The Association represents

the world¹s elite windsurfers and we now have confirmed a World Tour of

impressive size which takes in all three disciplines of Wave, Freestyle and

Race. Our new television and marketing partners bring a fresh approach and show

an impressive track record. The future of the World Tour is now brighter than


Clifford Webb, Managing Director of Sportshows TV states "The PWA windsurfing

World Tour provides all the right ingredients for a tremendously powerful, exciting

and captivating series. We're proud to add it to our portfolio of TV products,

and we will create a new face for the tour that will be seen around the world,

utilising "onboard technology never seen at this level".

Says Andrew Owen, Managing Director of Proteus Sports "Windsurfing is

a youthful sport that pits man and woman against the natural elements of wind

and water the sport is young, explosive, healthy and closely allied to trends

in fashion and music. The elite ranks of the PWA are bursting with character

and the sport is highly photogenic. Now being broadcast to audiences around

the globe, the World Tour is a sponsorship vehicle that can deliver a strong

message and real value to sponsors".

For more information contact: Sportshows Television at +44 207-731 4242 or

e-mail cliff@sportshowstv.com