OK, it seems some confusion has been caused by the PWA's recent announcment that there will be no World Tour Wave event at Tiree this year, so, just to cleare things up...

Although the PWA Tiree is not going to happen this year the UKWA's biggest event of the year - the TIREE WAVE CLASSIC is looking better than ever, and is 100% confirmed.

This is an event you can’t miss, with a good prize money for the pro fleet and plenty of goody bags and other prizes for the other fleets, theme nights, discos and good parties. It will take place from the 11th till the 18th of October, so start organizing your calendar to get up there on time!

The Tiree Wave Classic is just that, a CLASSIC event with an amazing vibe. Everybody should visit Tiree at least once in their windsurfing life and one of the best times to visit is during the wave classic week either as a competitor or as a free sailor. The beaches are big and congestion is not a problem, the atmosphere is amazing and you get to sail and socialise with a great bunch of windsurfing addicts.

Check out www.tireewaveclassic.com or check back here for updates on the run up to Classic Week.