Pulley Lubricant – makes for easy downhauling

Best known for the innovative land windsurf boards, TurfDog have introduced a new product that's designed for all windsurfers who wish to downhaul their sails more easily and quickly.

By lubricating your extension pulleys you can drastically reduce the amount of force required to downhaul your sails, meaning faster and easier rigging. For many, pulley lubricant has enabled them to fully downhaul the sail just holding the rope... no loops, easy-rigs, harness bars etc. The other great advantage of using pulley lubricant is the reduced wear on downhaul rope, and reduced corrosion on pulley rollers.

This lubricant is what's known as a 'dry' lubricant - it leaves a PTFE residue on inside of the pulleys, which is not washed off by salt water, even in the harsh windsurfing environment. This means that once you have applied it onto your extension/hook or sail pulley block it stays there for approximately 20 - 30 windsurf sessions.

This Lubricant is available to purchase online at www.turfdog.co.uk/lubricant.php