Quayside TV

The Quayside Windsurfing Team have just finished two days of filming with a TV advert team for an advert coming out for a motorhome dealer in 2009.They were asked to provide the latest windsurfing kit for actors to use in a scene depicting how outdoor sports people can use a motorhome in the pursuit of their chosen sport. They provided 2009 kit from Rrd, Tabou and Severne for the adverts shot on location around the North Norfolk coast.

Scott Mckay of O2 Creative, who were given the task of Producing and Directing the advert said " We wanted to put in front of the customer cool people using the latest extreme sports equipment, and after talking to our contacts Quayside Windsurfers seemed the guys to contact. The kit they use looks fantastic and they really know their stuff when it comes to windsurfing - and boy haven't they got some kit in their Demo van."

Neil Greentree ( Quayside Owner and team rider) said "I have to admit that its NOT all glamour in the TV business - Two 16 hour days with hours of just standing around and drying off the kit after each rain shower.....

.......so don't expect to hear about me taking up a career in TV!!"