Access to Broad Bench, Kimmeridge - One of the UK’s best waves

You’ve read the articles and seen the pictures, but did you know that Broad Bench (and around half of Kimmeridge Bay) could soon be closed to us for the vast majority of the time? Make no mistake this is a world-class wave - we can’t let this happen!

This area lies within the Army's ranges and changing patterns of use of the ranges will seriously affect our ability to use this superb area for windsurfing (and surfing), so we have set up the ABBA (Access to Broad Bench Association campaign to try to protect our access.

Obviously we don’t expect (or want) the Army to stop firing here, but just to try to accommodate our requirements as much as possible. The area we’re talking about is a tiny proportion of that used for firing.

Please note that although famed for its huge waves, Broad Bench and the western side of Kimmeridge Bay can provide ideal conditions for the novice and intermediate wavesailor as well, so this will affect loads of us.

We’ve set up a website at so please join the campaign otherwise one of the UK’s top windsurfing venues is going to be closed to us on many great windsurfing days.


Roger Turner