JP-Australia is proud to announce a new member in the World Cup team: Julien Taboulet (sail no. F 100 ).

First thing he does is to head for South Africa and join Werner Gnigler with the development of the next generation of Freestyle and Freestyle Wave boards.

The young Frenchman has solid World Cup experience and already earned his reputation as hot and very talented newcomer. With his fluid and powerful style he had a very successful season and managed to finish 5th in the 2001 annual PWA Freestyle ranking!

Julien is warmly welcomed by his JP team mates, as they already had a very good relation ship in the past. They respect him for his character and for his performance on the water. Jason is very pleased to see him in his team

now, and so is Baptiste Gossein, who is a very good friend of Juliens.

For 2002 Julien's plans are manifold but focused. First of all he strives to improve his performance as well as his rankings. Secondly he wants to bring all his experience into the boards' development (he already started to do so). And in the long term, Julien has the ambition to set new standards by competing on the highest level possible and to take the World title.

Welcome to the JP team, Julien!