Warm Winter Windsurfing – Now 20% off all December and January!

The clocks have gone back and the first snow has already fallen. Winter 2008/9 is starting early, so why not book yourself some warm winter windsurfing and guaranteed sunshine? Oceansource El Tur is fully open all winter long and we’re delighted to offer 20% off rentals for the whole of December and January.

‘Winter’ in Egypt is a very nice time of year, with pleasant air and water temperatures. If it’s windy you may need a wet-suit on the water but you’ll be comfortable in just shorts or bikini on land. If it’s not windy it’s still lovely for swimming, snorkeling or SUPping. It’s not our windiest time of year but with comfortably over 50% days with wind over force 4, you should get plenty of quality windsurfing on the flat waters of Moses Bay, the peaky stunt ramps at The Point and among the waves at Habibi beach. The BOARDS Mag test team are flying out tomorrow for their first test trip of the winter and they’ve never been let down by the wind.

And for the evenings, we’re very pleased to announce that a new restaurant has just opened in El Tur. We’ve been eating out in town regularly for the whole year, and enjoying the quality of the food in the town’s best restaurants, but now Restaurant Bity - aimed more at Western tastes - has opened. It boasts an impressive a la carte menu with an incredible range of freshly caught fish and seafood making it the perfect venue for a Christmas meal to remember!

So there you have it – Oceansource El Tur – the ultimate windsurfing playground...all year round.

Please visit http://www.oceansource.net/centre/bookings.asp for all booking enquires.