SAS TV, Switch On, Tune In And Pass It Around

Today sees SAS TV goes live with a whole host of new Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) films available on the SAS website. These films are another great example of SAS delivering their serious campaigns message in their uniquely interesting, humorous and exciting style whilst ensuring the campaign message is easily digestible and memorable.

New films premiering today on SAS TV include Surfalot Holmes and Dr Waverider Watson in The Case Of The Sinister Lolly Stick. This supports the successful Think Before You Flush campaign. There’s also footage of the exciting Drawing Boards auction that raised just under £30,000 for SAS selling green surfboard art from artists including Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Paul MacCartney. Also, SAS’s celebrated View From The Green Room is finally online for everyone to watch. This is the UK’s first environmental surfing documentary and includes all of SAS’s hard-hitting campaigns alongside some superb surfing.

SAS TV also includes films on SAS’s Climate Chaos campaign, under-cover investigations on Marine Litter and SAS’s core campaign, Sewage and Sickness.

SAS are encouraging supporters to share these classic campaign films with their friends to help increase the awareness of water quality issues for all recreational water users.

SAS TV is funded by long-term SAS sponsor The Quiksilver Foundation who will be promoting the positive social and environmental projects they fund on SAS TV.

Campaign Manager Andy Cummins says: “These videos are a fantastic campaign tool for SAS. We hope they engage with water users and spark interest in our campaigns as well as making them laugh at our appalling attempts to mimic Monty Python type sketches."

Spencer Hargraves Quiksilver Profession Surfers says: “I love SAS’s campaign films and can’t wait to see the new ones. It’s a great way to promote a serious message and I’m stoked Quiksilver are supporting this cool concept."