H20 Sports Winter Newsletter 2008

We’ve been putting it off for as long as possible – (Accepting winter is upon us that is! not our news letter) Anyway our flip flops and shorts have now been very much exchanged for boots and jeans… And our winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods are firmly in the vans ready for the colder winter windsurfing and kiting winds.

Mulled Wine Evening

We’d love to invite you to our “Mulled Wine And Mince Pie Evening" on Saturday December 20th at the shop from 4pm till I guess all the wine is drunk and the pies are eaten… Pretty much the same as last year!

Late night shopping every Wednesday in Dec until 7.30pm

To help the stress of Christmas shopping we’re keeping both our shops open on all the Wednesdays leading up to Christmas in December until 7.30pm. That’s the ladies clothes shop, “gentlemen" for the latest in fashion for your loved ones (Ugg boots – are a clear winner for Christmas all you need is her shoe size and the girls will take care of it)… And ladies the big hard wear super store (The one with the lovely big black dog in it) is also open and packed with great gifts (Big or small) for your water-sporty other half. And yes, before we get accused of sexism, boys can also buy gifts for the water sporty lady in their life.

Christmas gift ideas…

To help you, help us out this Christmas… Cheeky we know! Take a look at our carefully selected favourites below… There is limited stock on some items – so hurry (Also proves we’re not just getting rid of stuff we’ve got loads of)

Gift vouchers available at any amount online or in store if you’re still stuck!

Top Ten Gifts for him

1, Oneill Gooru or Oasis Wetsuit hood £19.95 – A must for the winter

2, Oneill FLX 2mm gloves £22.95 – A must for the winter

3, Bulldog Changing matt £24.95Comfort has no price

4, North Power XT / XTR Windsurfing extension £99 / £119 Hassle free downhaul

5, Pro Limit 09 Aaron Hadlow Kitesurfing Harness £119 - The latest and most popular harness

6, Pro Limit 09 Type T Windsurfing Harness £99 – The latest and most popular harness

7, Pro Limit Foam Handle Pass leash £24.99 – Safety equipment

8, Protest Giant Board Jacket £149 - keeping him warm and stylish on the ski slopes

9, Billabong Sampras Stripy Long sleeve T-shirt £39.99 Smart casual wear (Pub)

10, Oxbow Eragon Long Sleeve Shirt £44.99Smart evening wear (Romantic meal)

Top Ten Gifts for her

1, Ugg Boots from £130The latest keep her tootsies warm this winter fashion item

2, Billabong pack of pants £19.95 – Sexy and warm stocking filler

3, Protest Doodle Ski Jacket £149.99 - keeping her warm and stylish on the ski slopes

4, Banana Moon villna zane stripy jumper £58.99 - smart casual wear good brownie points

5, Protest Mute Fleece £28.99 – It’s all about the layers this winter apparently!

6, C-skin Angel wetsuit boots £39.95 If she’s a water sports girl then another must have

7, Oneill Gooru or Oasis Wetsuit hood £19.95 – A must for the winter

8, Oneill FLX 2mm gloves £22.95 – A must for the winter

9, Bulldog Changing matt £24.95Comfort has no price

10, Learn to windsurf lessons (for the spring) From £45 – Get her wet!

Winter Opening hours

As its colder outside we take a little longer (like a reptile) to get going in the morning so until it warms up (or the clocks go forward) our winter hours are as follows

Monday – Friday 10am – 5.30pm

Sat & Sun 9am-5.30pm

10% Online voucher

We know you all love coming into the shop to chat to Alfie (the dog) and catch up with the gang – but for those further a field or if your feeling lazy the winter – Use the code below during your online purchasing to gain a 10% discount of any online order from our extensive web site. Not available in-store as we’ve got all the mulled wine and mince pies to pay for…

We nearly forgot to say happy Christmas… and look forward to seeing you on the 20th if you can make it.

Happy Christmas from all of us at h2o Sports

Matt, James, James, Chris, Kate, Jessica, Rose and Alfe

New Member of the Team

Also a big welcome to the team to Kirsten Briggs who will be helping the girls out in the clothes shops on Sundays. Kirsten has extensive experience in the clothing industry and looks forward to helping you out…