The Windsurfing Hall of fame serves to honour those that have made a special

and significant contribution the sport of Windsurfing. May it be a sailor, past

champion, industry VIP, press member or a notoriety of windsurfing.

Three nominees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame every year and will be

honoured on the PWA website under "Hall of Fame". This will be categorized

by year with photos and a special profile for the member of the windsurfing

Hall of Fame.

PWA Chairman Phil McGain says: "The sport is over 35 years old now, it's

about time we recognized and honoured those special people who have made windsurfing

what it is today".

There will be selection committee chosen by the PWA management Board, this

committee will decide from the nominees put forward who will be inducted that

year. Nominees can be put forward by any interested windsurfer who knows someone

who has made a contribution to the sport over the past 35 years. This can be

done through the contact on the PWA website (

There will be special ceremony at a chosen event during the year where the

PWA will honour the new inductees.