T1 is known for its audacity to think outside the box: The

first to promote and firmly believe in a compact, user-need

driven product range following its ‘One Man. One Board.’


T1 then set new industry standards with its Version 3.0

introducing the revolutionary ‘revoXskin’ and ‘CarboX’


Now, T1 is taking board building to yet another level with

their technology called ‘BambO²/CarbonX’.

As of Version 4.0 T1 embraces and incorporates Bamboo

veneers in all T1 boards! It is a logical step for this

innovation driven company to make the best built boards

not only better but also Greener and even more durable.

T1’s ‘CarboX’ construction uses strategically oriented

carbon layers, mirrored inside and outside the PVC

sandwich skin, paired with T-stringers in deck and bottom

to tune and control torsion and flex in its boards depending

on their range of use. RevoXskin is a UV-resistant and 100

% waterproof finishing film eliminating the use of any

fillers and primers.

By integrating full BambO² decks and bottoms in its ‘Version

4.0’ range, T1 is able to further boost the resilience of its

windsurf boards and enhance stiffness and toughness at

the same time: Customers will be rewarded with longer

lasting products that will keep their crisp and snappy “new

board feeling" for many years.

The bamboo fiber excels with an immense tensile strength

rivaling many metal alloys but also features a strength-to-

weight ratio better than graphite (carbon). This makes the

bamboo fiber one of the most resilient natural materials

known to man.