We (Tristan Haskins, Director / sailor at www.gps-speed.co.uk) are pleased to announce:

1) www.gps-speed.co.uk has provided FREE Genie GT31 GPS units (the units recognised by www.gps-speedsurfing.com for record attempts) to:

Pete Young (UKWA Speed Champion 2008 ~ sailed 43.78 100m average, WestKirby)


Adam Gustafsson (43.6 knots 100m average)


Steve Thorp (44 knots plus - needs no introduction)


Neil Hardwick (43.37 knots 100m average)

Profiles of these sailors plus other GPS-SPEED team sailors can be found at:


2) We are also VERY PLEASED to announce co-sponsorship with Tushingham Sails for the 2009 GPS Speed Challenge. As well as the Tushingham provided X15 sail, www.gps-speed.co.uk is also providing a Genie GT31 as a prize – check out: www.tushinghamsails.co.uk/gps-speed for details.