Irish windsurfer Mikey Clancy had his short windsurfing film "In search of wind and waves" premiered at the WAFF film festival in Dublin recently.

The festival featured films of adrenaline fuelled adventure sports such as basejumping, sky diving extreme kayaking and windsurfing.

Mikey's film tells the story of his search for big waves in Ireland from the reefbreak at Mossies at Brandon Bay in the south to Maheraroarty in Donegal during the winter months of 2008.

The 18 year old Dubliner was delighted to be part of the festival and hopes that his film will help promote windsurfing to a wider audience.

"A lot of the public image of windsurfing dates back to the 1980's and people dont realise how exciting it is now" says Mikey from Cape Town, where he is getting some excellent conditions during a months winter training.

Mikey is sponsored by Starboard, Severne, MFC Chinook. Plain Lazy, D.I.T.

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