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iDO – The Future?

If some one was to ask you how you see the future of windsurfing? What would you say…? Many people will be able to form an opinion or have some form of orientation in which they believe the sport will head towards.

The true answer is that no one can predict the future, however for Dario Olivierio it was clear that windsurfing would shape a big part of his future and ultimately lead him to the creation of a product that he believes will change windsurfing forever.

How can you define historic moments in windsurfing? Some would argue Antoine Albeau breaking the speed world record was a historic moment for the sport. Some will say the likes of Dunkerbeck and Naish have created historic moments in windsurfing.

If you look at the ideas and people who have shaped the sport you enter into a world that is of far greater importance, with out these people windsurfing will have never moved forward and evolved into the sport we all love and enjoy today.

A few examples:

•The universal joint designed by Jim Drake in 1967,

•The Starboard Go designed nearly 10 years ago by Svein Rasmussen

All these people had one common factor in that their true love was to windsurf; the hard work and dedication to the sport they love enabled them to open their minds in order to create some of the most historic developments the sport has ever seen.

Over the last 2 years a new product has been developed by Italian product designer Dario Oliviero, his product is named iDO.

This product is a great development in the world of windsurfing. It allows anyone to go windsurfing after one minute of instruction. The iDO prevents the sail from falling in the water, but also allows the sailor to have a free and easy movement feeling no restriction.

This allows the beginner, once climbed on to the board to immediately Wind surf. A simple idea, for all to see, but that no one had though of or that nobody could ever achieve. The advantage of this product is that despite the many mistakes beginners make, sailing is still standing and navigating the board.

This accessory is fixed on the windsurfing board and once mounted, the sail is free to move around to do all the maneuvers required, but is stopped when about to fall into the water.

The results in the use of IDO are exceptional, only when you have witnessed iDO in action you can understand the benefits, and the incredible ease with which the beginner learns to go windsurfing. Its development was spearheaded by Dario Oliviero in collaboration with the Starboard team.

Jim Drake the father of windsurfing made the following comment about iDO

“Dario’s invention — the iDO — will be one of the most important steps forward in expanding the sport of windsurfing. It is the gateway for anyone wishing to learn and experience the sublime joys of the sport I love.”

Jim Drake

People who have seen the iDO in action remain amazed by how it totally changes the perspective everybody has on windsurfing. Before it was a sport for the few, it is now a sport for everyone. People who have tried, return to the land, happy, smiling, no pain to the hands, back, just pure fun and joy to the first lesson.

Svein Rasmussen, one of the architects of the biggest innovations in our sport has commented as follows:

“A big leap forward for windsurfing, and potentially the most significant breakthrough in our sport since Jim Drake designed the original universal joint back in 1967 , connecting a surf board to rig”.

Svein Rasmussen

“I want to thank all those people that have helped me in my journey, I have pushed to go beyond the Shadowed wall that was once in the way. A big thank you to all those who have forced me to go deeper, to give a clear and concise answer to their concerns and opposition. I want to thank all the people I met on my journey and whose personality have taught me that, only to be yourself, pays off more than any success.

I would like to thank all my friends and family who have supported me and given me courage, particularly when the light was hidden in my path, especially when I decided to engage in unpopular and deserted streets where the only reason for going was the realization of your dream…iDO”


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