Tushingham GPS Speed Challenge – Have a go!!!

As you may already know, this season Tushingham are running a series of GPS speed events (find out more at www.tushingham.com/gps-speed) The aim of the events is to give windsurfers the opportunity to get sailing with a bunch of like-minded windsurfers, learning more about sailing fast and how to use the GPS-Speedsurfing website.

The feedback about the events so far has been very positive but one issue that has arisen is that there are many windsurfers out there without a GPS, who are keen to get involved but don’t own a device themselves. Therefore (thanks to Gump at Juice Boardsports) Tushingham have just acquired no less than EIGHT of the latest GT-31 GPS devices plus aqua packs to protect them.

The units will be available to hire at each of Tushingham’s GPS Speed Challenge days at the cost of just £5 per hour. Not only will you be shown how to use the device but also all about the appropriate software and how to upload the results to the GPS-Speedsurfing website. You’ll also gain entry to the prize draw where you can win a complete X-15 rig!

To register (whether you own a GPS or not!) visit www.tushingham.com/gps-speed and follow the instructions.

For more info phone Paul Simmons on 01803 712140 / e-mail windsurfing@tushingham.com