UKWA Waves Round 1: Brandon Bay Brandon Bay delivered epic conditions that pushed even the top Pros this week during the contest. Gowlane provided cross offshore, logo high conditions on Day 1 and all fleets got to play. Day 2 was very extreme and it was lucky that the Pro contest was down to the last six guys as the rest of the Pros were nervously waiting at the beach waiting to see whether they would be sent out in the 40knot winds and mast high sets at Stradbally.

The top six of Rob Jones, Phil Horrocks, Andy King, Ben Proffitt, John Skye and Jamie Hancock were truly tamed by the gnarly conditions simply surviving at some points to stay upright and alive in the monster gusts and gnarly waves. It was a very impressive performance watched by most of the Maharees residents from the sand dunes. Day 3 saw a highly competitive amateur, masters, youth and ladies fleets compete at Fermoyle in head high waves and cross shore winds - perfect conditions for them. And afterwards €200 was up for grabs in the Boardseeker Expression Session - Mikey Clancy ended up pocketing the cash with a huge backloop! Day 4 was almost competable but the wind eased off and official competition was over for 2009. Round 2 of the UKWA Wave Tour starts THIS Friday at Rhosneigr in North Wales.

RESULTS UKWA Ireland 09 PROS 1. Jamie Hancock (Gun Sails/Quatro) 2. John Skye (Naish Sails/RRD) 3. Ben Proffitt (Simmer/Quatro) 4. Andy King (Goya Sails & Boards) 5. Phil Horrocks (JP/NeilPryde) 6. Rob Jones (NeilPryde/Seven) 7. Timo Mullen (Severne/Starboard) 8. Steve Thorpe Joint 9th Finn Mullen & OVG Joint 11th James Cox & Rich Potter Joint 13th Nick Moffat & Chris Murray Joint 15th Mikey Clancy & Dan Joint 17th Adam Simms & Sam Neal & Jack Hunt & Graham Woods Joint 21st Murray Saunders & Steve Jarvis & Mark Bell & Mark Kileen Joint 24th Chris Cunningham & Rich Jones MASTERS 1. Big Davey (3/0.7/0.7) TOTAL 4.4 2. Nigel Treacy (0.7/2/2) TOTAL 4.7 3. Mark Seaney (5/3/3) TOTAL 11 4. Damian De Backer (5/4/5) TOTAL 14 5. Gerry Wilcox (5/5/5) TOTAL 15 6. Sav (2/7/7) TOTAL 16 7. Chris Wilcox (5/6/6) TOTAL 17 AMATEURS 1. Steve King 2. Dave Horrocks 3. Niall Mellon 4. Scott McDowell 5. Tom Knox 6. Alex Tritten 7. Ian Gibson 8. Nathan Reagan Joint 9th Darren Thurston & Alex Mitchell Joint 11th Daniel King & Steve Pickles LADIES 1. Louise Emery (2/0.7/0.7) TOTAL 3.4 2. Katie McAnena (0.7/2/2) TOTAL: 4.7 3. Sarah Finney (3/3/3) TOTAL: 9 JUNIORS 1. Tom Knox 2. Nathan Reagan 3. Alex Mitchell PRO EXPRESSION SESSION 1. Mikey Clancy 2. Phil Horrocks 3. Ben Proffitt