When Saturday dawned it was clear from the onset that yet another “full on” Poole Slalom session had landed firmly upon our humble doorstep.

Anticipation of the day ahead ruled and frantic rigging, testing and re-rigging (smaller) resulted as almost all of us were deceived by the shear strength of the prevailing conditions when arriving 200 meters offshore!

Aggregate “best tools” for the day quickly established themselves though (Freestyle/Wave and 5.5m) and shortly after measuring a 37 knot gust on the beach, racing got underway on a long legged 4 buoy downwind course.

The fifteen eager participants quickly got their eye in and countless races (Between gossip and refreshment breaks to laugh at each other’s misadventure) brought closer and closer finishes as the day progressed.

It was fantastic to see several new faces on Saturday and for those who weren’t present, watch your pockets chaps ‘cause these boys can really sail! (No name dropping at this stage)

I think pretty much everyone won a race at some point or other although for my money the men of the match had to be Simon Langley and Dom Tidey who showed us their metal/experience and decades (maybe even centuries of experience?) time and time again!

Many thanks to all for such a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable day in the wind and sunshine.

Here’s to the possibility of doing it all over again this week.

For more pics follow the link below!