QUAD - Starboard's Best Kept Secret

The World’s first* Quad fin wave boards - more drive, more traction, the ability to generate more speed on the wave face, turn closer and tighter, ride more vertical with the ability to go where you want, when you want. When going out through the waves, the Quads also help you stay better upwind than single or twin fin boards, thus positioning you to catch more waves.

[*Yes, we know someone built one in a shed in the mid 80s... Ed.]

The Quad wave concept was born 2 years ago when Svein Rasmussen and Scott McKercher first started working on Quad fin set ups on wave SUP boards, starting with single fin setups to thrusters and finally Quad fins. The unique fin size combination, with the larger fin in front and the smaller fin behind, as well as the exact fin box positioning, the fin foil/stiffness ratio and the fin box selection was the key in making the Quadconcept work.

Having worked secretly on the concept the last two years, it is Starboard’s best kept secret until its release today.

What does a Quad set up offer? Quads produce an enormous amount of drive. There’s a lot of fin area spread out over the tail, so when you push the fins, they work together to channel the water’s energy into the board. They create extra drive and speed and they can do this whether you’re making long drawn-out turns or tight, squirty turns. Go where you want, when you want and generate more speed on the wave face. Ride faster, ride more vertical.

Why is the front fin larger than the back fin? Starboard SUP and also surfboard shapers have been utilizing quads for some time now, with many high profile surfers such as Kelly Slater experimenting with these designs. Starboard R&D have tried nine different fin setups multiplied by different stiffness configurations and found that there was a lot of extra drive and a quicker boardturning initiation created by having a set of larger fins forward of a set of smaller back fins.

For the convertibles: when to choose the single fin set up and when to choose the quad fin set up? Choose the single fin for more bump and jump scenarios and Quads to for pure wave oriented sailing.

Why Surfinz and Mini Tuttle fin boxes? Surfinz boxes are light and compatible with FCS but give more strength and the ability to further fine tune the fin placement by 10mm. Mini Tuttle boxes are light and strong enough to hold bigger fins. Basically, the weight of two Surfinz boxes and two Mini Tuttle boxes are about the same as one US box: Quad boards would weigh the same as a single fin wave board. In convertible form, the Quad would weigh the same as a twin fin wave board. Special note: Mini-Tuttle wave fins may not be readily available in stores, so Starboard distributors are stocked up on spare Quad 16 and Quad 17 fins. Simply call if you need a new one.

Quad Convertibles Quads are also come as convertible Quad/Single fin set up where the single fin option provides the usual straight line speed feel suitable for flatter water and chop jumping. The Quad Convetibles: the full versatility of waveriding in a single board.

Construction: The Quad range is available in the World’s strongest Dur-X Wood Technology and the second generation upgraded WoodCarbon Technology. The Quad Convertible range is available in Dur-X Technora™ and Dur-X Wood.

Dur-X Wood: the construction that has been refined since 2000 to provide the industry’s leading warranty figures and the most reliable lightweight boards to date. Double sandwich core, oversized reinforcements and a full 0.6mm wood skin deck and bottom - for maximum rigidity, strength and dynamic shape stability.

The new WoodCarbon Technology: utilizes a carbon biax deck shell to reduce weight and a wood spine to increase rigidity and dampen vibrations. The bottom of the board now includes a full layer of Australian pine wood that offers a higher resistance to buckling, compression and distortion than carbon-only skin. The result: ultra lightweight boards with the perfect blend of lightness, stiffness, comfort, strength and feel.

Scott McKercher: Something that I felt has been missing in wave boards is the ability to produce drive through the fins like a surf board. Singles and twins were all about the containment of speed and not the production of drive. The new Quads deliver the perfect blend of a smooth arc length when desired, combined with lightning acceleration through tight on rail snaps.

Svein Rasmussen: Experimenting with Quads totally renewed my interest in wave sailing, I have that feeling like a Superheroback! Tiesda You: For progressing wave riders who thought the Evo was a breakthrough in 2003, well the Quads are again another leap forward. On a wave face, they really do go where you want, when you want and then they’ll even generate more speed as you drive them through turns. Unbelievable stuff.

Question to Svein: is the Quad an innovation? “Some 12 years ago, our production Twister twin fin board was available worldwide, then suddenly in 2008 the twin fin concept was viewed as an innovation. Now in 2009 Starboard brings into production a totally refined Quad fin board and if bringing back twin fins in 2008 was viewed an innovation , then bringing in Quads in 2009 is truly an innovation which actually brings something NEW to the market.”