The BBC’s ‘THE ONE SHOW’ 7 PM BBC 1 FRIDAY 5th JUNE! For a sneak preview of some pix go to

And check out Boards Magazine July issue for full report! The BBC’s ‘THE ONE SHOW’ is running a feature on how Hayling Island and Peter Chilvers have a claim to fame for being the birth place and inventor of windsurfing - 50 years ago! It’s virtually unheard of that six million people get to see windsurfing on national TV. It’s just as rare to get the chance to sail a replica of the very first windsurfing board ever made! Simon Bornhoft and two of his young coaching prodigies, Ed & Harry De Blaby, were privileged to be part of an historic windsurfing moment - captured by the BBC ‘THE ONE SHOW’. This feature not only shows the original windsurfer being sailed at Fleet Creek where windsurfing was invented, there are interviews with Peter Chilvers & Simon Bornhoft plus some windy sunny action from Hayling seafront! TELL YOUR WINDSURFING MATES!

If you miss it check it out on iplayer over the next week!