The only time an Irish record has been set has been over sea's and that go's for the first time an Irish man went over 40 knots. That too was in South-end-on-sea in the UK but the search has been on going to find a spot here in Ireland that might be up to the task.

Last Saturday on the 6/6/2009 John Kenny recorded the fastest time ever on Irish waters plus breaking the 40 knots over 500 meters on a little known beach called Burrow beach near howth and I'm sure if we had of had more wind we would have seen some truly record breaking speeds witch would put Ireland even further up on the world rankings.

So what dose the future hold for John Kenny " I would like to get a sponsor to help me get to one of the big events like The Masters Of Speed or Driven By Wind where I know I can push the Irish record over 45 knots "

This is the very first movie i have ever made and it's the only time a windsurfer or any wind powered craft has been filmed sailing over 40 knots over 500 meters on Irish waters so I hope you enjoy watching it half as much as I had sailing it!

Burrow Beach go's off: