Robin Hood Watersports are hosting a huge demo at Fraisthorpe Beach from 27th

- 28th April 2002.

The event will be supported by all major brands. There will be a full display

of the latest windsurf

kit. Plenty of notable windsurf guru's will be on hand to offer advice on both

equipment and technique. There will also be a huge amount of ready rigged and

tuned equipment for testing.

The intention is to make the weekend a huge amount of fun for everyone.

Other activities will include:

· Power Kiting

· Kite Surfing

· Saturday Night 'bash'

Fraisthorpe beach is a great venue, which works in all wind directions - If

you've not been before, this is the weekend to check it out.

Robin Hood Watersports will also be providing a rescue service for the weekend.

Camping on-site will be available on Saturday Night. Advice on alternative

accommodation is also available.

For further information, please telephone Robin Hood Watersports on 01924 444