Monday saw the inaugural Shoreham / Worthing slalom event which this week was held at Sea Lane café in Goring as the tides were very high, there was a fantastic turn out for the first event seeing 11 guys on a wide variety of gear from Nik, Jamie and me on the latest’s race gear to JonL on a Bic relic which was great to see.

Due to the weather conditions we laid a figure 8 course just off the beach and began racing at 5:45 with an all is 2 lap race, at this time the wind was blowing through at 20+ knots and there was some good chop to be had, it was a good start with the wave boards flying to the front in the fairly hard conditions with Steve Waller making it to the outside mark first with the pack closing fast, on the reach in saw the slalom boys make it to the front going with the swell then managing to hold of Nik I managed to with the pro fleet with Nik second and Gavin in 3rd.

For the second race Jamie Hawkins had rigged and in the now dying conditions he stamped his mark on the series with a win, as the wind had gone off shore we all just went for a sail and had a blast.

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